FLP 15 v.2021

FLP 15 v.2021


FLP 15 version 2021 is a modern update of the well-known sports laser simulator that was first introduced in 2015. With its third generation it continues the proven path of its model range and adds a new level to it by using a dual-axis laser setup, for easier and faster rectification.


The frame of the sports laser simulator has undergone some minor design changes, which at first glance form a coherent shape.


The main characteristics of the FLP 15:

- Optics recessed into the barrel to prevent damage from scratches while protecting from the heat of the sun

- Laser positioning in two axes

- Glass lens to keep the laser dot in maximum focus

- Fully mechanical adjustable mechanism with maximum reliability

- Anti-glare grooves on the top of the barrel

- Reversible cocking lever

- Adjustable trigger

- Adjustable stock angle

- Optimum barrel axis

- Smooth operation of the cocking lever

- Powered by AAA batteries


Included in the FLP 15 package:

- FLP 15 Sports Laser Simulator with grip of your choice

- Suitcase

- Tools - hex keys 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 4 mm

- Starter magnet

- One 1.5V AAA battery

- Folding instructions

- Microfiber towel


The product is homologated according to the UIPM 2016 Homologation standard.

Technical parameters


Dimensions ( mm )

370 x 150 x 50  

Gun Type

single-shot, laser


From 720 g

Laser Class

 I. (in accordance with EN 60825-1:2014)

Laser Class Certification

No. 1170100 (Electrical Technological Testing Institute, Czech Republic)


650 nm

Diameter of the laser beam

4 mm ± 5 % / 10 m

Minimum peak laser value (with discharged battery)

2.5 mW

Minimum peak laser value (with charged battery)

3.2 mW

The recommended distance of shooting

10 m

Number of shots per 1 AA cell s LC14

50 000 at 20 °C

Power supply of emitter

1.5V alakline cell AAA

Temperature Range

10 to 50 °C, IP 52*

FLP 15 v.2021
FLP 15 v.2021
FLP 15 v.2021
FLP 15 v.2021
FLP 15 v.2021
FLP 15 v.2021
FLP 15 v.2021
FLP 15 v.2021
FLP 15 v.2021