Our company offers for rent HIT&MISS and S-Box Connect targets, to which it is also possible to rent signal lights, tripods with holders and results service.
GLS e.Start laser simulators can also be rented as part of the shooting range.

Rental forms:
1. Rental of targets without operator - the customer arranges the transport of the rented equipment by himself or we send them to the specified address. The price includes instruction on how to use the targets
2. Rental of targets with operator - we will transport the targets together with the operator to the destination.
3. Hire with/without operator with GLS e.Start - we will deliver laser simulators with the targets
4. With results service - for this option it is necessary to rent also signal lights, by connecting which we obtain shooting data. Results can be stored locally or sent to a designated server.

What does the rental price consist of:
1. Target model
2. Number of targets
3. Laser simulators yes/no
4. Number of laser simulators
5. Additional equipment
6. Resulting service yes/no
7. Manned yes/no
8. Transport/delivery

Please contact us at sales@pentashot.eu for a rental quote.