Warranty Terms & Conditions



Warranty repairs shall only apply to defects that are proven to have occurred during the applicable warranty period, due to a defect in materials or manufacturing defect. Such defects can only be repaired by the manufacturer or an authorised service centre. The purchaser may file a warranty claim with the manufacturer or an authorised dealer.

The warranty period begins on the date of purchase or delivery of the goods to the purchaser and the warranty remains valid for 24 months.

In particular, the following cases are excluded from warranty repair:

The product has not been returned to the seller/manufacturer with proof of purchase.
Wear and tear caused by use of the product or damage to the product (including damage caused by improper installation, improper commissioning, failure to follow procedures defined in the instructions for use, etc.).
Damage to the product caused by pollution, accidental occurrence or disaster or resulting from natural or external events such as storm, fire, water, excessive heat or cold, liquid ingress, etc.
Mechanical damage to the product (e.g. caused by falling, breakage, etc.) or damage caused during transport.
Damage, unauthorised design modifications, incorrect product modifications or other interference with the product by unauthorised persons or service and maintenance centres.

Both the Seller and the authorised service and maintenance centre are entitled to claim from the Buyer any costs incurred as a result of an unauthorised, invalid, late or unjustified claim, including any costs associated with the transport of the product, etc.