FLP 15 Compact

FLP 15 Compact

FLP 15 Compact is a next generation laser pistol supplied with a completely new and unique QUICK CHARGE method! The gun is supplied with a universal or anatomic grip in the new PENTASHOT gun case with all the necessary accessories.

The weapon is 34 centimeters long and its basic weight is 600 grams, but it can be weighted to the required weight.

Homologated under UIPM 2016. 

Technical parameters


Dimensions ( mm )

340 x 150 x 50

Gun Type

single-shot, laser


From 650g

Laser Class

 I. (in accordance with EN 60825-1:2014)

Laser Class Certification

No. 1170100 (Electrical Technological Testing Institute, Czech Republic)


650 nm

Diameter of the laser beam

4 mm ± 5 % / 10 m

Minimum peak laser value (with discharged battery)

2.5 mW

Minimum peak laser value (with charged battery)

3.2 mW

The recommended distance of shooting

10 m

Number of shots per 1 AA cell s LC14

50 000 at 20 °C

Power supply of emitter

1.5V alakline cell AAA LB 16

Temperature Range

10 to 50 °C, IP 52*

FLP 15 Compact
FLP 15 Compact
FLP 15 Compact
FLP 15 Compact
FLP 15 Compact