S-Box Connect

S-Box Connect

S-Box Connect target is new wireless precision target, working with Bluetooth based app. This target offers three modes of shooting.

 Target has easy-to-use app for both Android and iOS. As power supply can be used power bank, but only such a product that mathces our specification. Target has built-in signalization lamps. 


Training - allows you to shoot as many shots as you want with no time limit. 

Competition - allows you to choose number of rounds. Time of shooting is limited to 50 seconds. Results are saved.

Individual - allows you to set number of rounds. Time can be set from 10 to 60 seconds. It also allows to set number of shots from one shot to unlimited number of shots. HIT zone is adjustable from ring 1 to ring 10. Results are saved.

Technical parameters

 Target dimensions              

19 cm wide, 24,5 cm high and 10 cm deep

 Hit zone size

Æ 59,5mm

MISS zone size

175 mm x 175 mm


950 g ( only target )

Shooting distance

from 5 to 10 metres

Shooting time 

50 seconds in competion mode, in individual mode time can be set, in training mode time is not limited

Power supply

DC 5.1V 3A ( use only supplied adaptor ), power bank ( use only such product, which matches our specifications )

Laser signal type

UIPM laser signal 15,6 mS

Sun resistance

80 000 LUX

External signalisation lamps


Operating temperature

+10°C up to +40°C

Protection class of housing


Update function

In Google Play and AppStore

Compatible version of operating system

 Minimum is Android 4.3 or iOS 11

Built-in signalization lamps


Tripod fitting


Mounting system


S-Box Connect
S-Box Connect
S-Box Connect
S-Box Connect
S-Box Connect
S-Box Connect