The Hit COMPACT target is designed for use within instructional courses and  trainings, particularly in laser run in modern pentathlon. The target can assess the impact points pertaining to the hit zone. The hit zone impact is indicated by the green LED diodes (3). All LEDs start to flash when 5 impact points are detected inside the hit zone. The target switches off automatically 20 minutes after the last hit.  The target is charged by one 1.5V AA battery. Delivery also includes a front plate for a 5m shooting distance.


Parameter name   Value 
Target dimensions   120 mm x 130mm x 33 mm 
Hit zone 59,5 mm                                                              30,0 mm
Weight      260 g incl. battery 
Shooting distance   5m / 10m
Power supply  1 x 1.5V AA battery 
Laser signal type detection  UIPM laser signal 15.6 ms  and 25.2 ms
Average laser power  12.48 ms 
Minimum Laser peak value for HIT counting 2.3 mW 
Sun resistance  70 000 lux min 
Operating temperature   +10°C up to +50°C