A new laser system! Simple to use, powered by standard AA batteries and with more precise optics!

It is available for all guns used in the modern pentathlon!

Homologated by UIPM.

Technical parameters


Diameter 30 mm, length 157 mm (short version )

Diameter 30 mm, length 187 mm (long version)


210 g (short version), 235 g (long version)

Laser Class

Class I according to EN 60825/IEC 60825


650 nm ± 5 %

The diameter of the laser beam

4 mm ± 5 % / 10 m

The recommended distance of shooting

up to 10 m

The number of shots per 1 AA cell

 min. 50 000 at 20°

Power supply of the emitter

1.5V alkaline cell AA

Temperature Range

10 to 50 °C

All LC14 laser containers have the UIPM laser signal 15.6 ms.