About HomeLaserShooting


It is a platform that gives you a chance to participate in online tournaments in optical sport shooting - V-Shooting.
Tournaments have different forms - one-off, tournament series, leagues and more.
Behind the whole project is a team of people with a lot of experience in organizing races, especially races in modern pentathlon and its disciplines, such as laser run.

Emiliano Hernandez from Mexico came first with the idea of V-Shooting and was also the first to host the first tournament in March 2020. Since then, this new sport has developed faster than expected.

In April 2020, with the great help of Emiliano and his team and PENTASHOT Egypt, was organized the first major international tournament FlyingMex and was followed by other no less successful.

The HomeLaserShooting Series 2020 is currently underway, a series of four ranking tournaments in which the best qualify for the World Finals.
HomeLaserShooting Series 2020 is organized by our partner company urbiathlon s.r.o.


You can find all details on official web site www.homelasershooting.com