What is optical sport shooting?

Optical sport shooting is shooting using an optical (laser) simulator. Optical sport shooting is an emerging sport among people who care about safety, want to be able to train at home or do not have the opportunity to participate in classic sport shooting due to laws or other obstacles.

About V-Shooting

V-Shooting involves optical shooting in an online environment, using a laser simulator in various numbers of series (depending on the type of race) on an electronic target designed for optical shooting. The goal of the shooter is to achieve the best possible shooting time or the best score according to the type of race.


About HomeLaserShooting

HomeLaserShooting is a platform that gives you a chance to participate in online tournaments in optical sport shooting or V-Shooting.

Tournaments come in various forms: one-off, tournament series, leagues and more.

A team of people with experience in organizing competitions, especially competitions in modern pentathlon and its disciplines, such as Laser Run, is behind the whole project.


The first to come up with the idea of V-Shooting was Emiliano Hernandez from Mexico, and he was also the first organizer of the tournament in March 2020. Since then, the new sport has evolved faster than expected.

In April 2020, with the great help of Emiliano, his team and PENTASHOT Egypt, the first major international FlyingMex tournament was held, followed by another equally successful tournament.

Further tournaments are planned and we look forward to your participation and support.


More information on www.homelasershooting.com

Contact e-mail: office@urbiathlon.com