Warranty Terms & Conditions

A warranty repair shall apply exclusively to defects that have provably arisen during the effective warranty period, namely as a result of a material defect or a manufacturing defect. Defects arising in such a manner may be remedied only by the manufacturer or an authorized maintenance and service centre. The buyer can make a claim under the warranty against the manufacturer or authorized dealer, as the case may be.

The warranty period shall become effective on the day of purchase or delivery of the Goods to the Buyer, and the warranty remains valid for 24 months.

In particular, the following cases are excluded from the warranty repair:

  • The product has not been returned to the dealer/manufacturer with the proof of purchase.
  • Wear and tear due to the use of the product or damage to the product (incl. damage caused by unskilled installation, improper commissioning, non-compliance with the procedures defined in the instructions for use, etc.).
  • Damage to the product caused by contamination, an accidental or disaster event or occurring as a result of natural or external events such as a storm, fire, water, excessive heat or chill, ingress of a liquid, etc.
  • Mechanical damage to the product (e.g. caused by fall, breaking, etc.) or damage arising during the transportation.
  • Damage, unauthorized design modifications, improper modification of the product or any other interventions in the product conducted by unauthorized persons or maintenance and service centres.


The Seller as well as the authorized maintenance and service centre shall be entitled to claim against the Buyer for the reimbursement of any and all costs they have incurred due to making a non-legitimate, invalid, delayed or unsubstantiated warranty claim, incl. any costs associated with the transportation of the product, etc.